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  • A wide range of different magnets to suit your needs.

Our entire range of magnetic degrees type from 5 to 9 has a high magnetic performance, developed through our long experience in the production of ferrites and expertise of our researcher team.
  • A range of different applications

Magnets for motorized ventilation fans and blowers Magnets for air conditioning Magnets for electric windows Magnets for seat adjustment Magnets for brushless motors Magnets for actuators

Millions of ferrite magnets are produced annually on the production lines by following the concepts of “Lean Manufacturing” and 6 Sigma permitting:
– A reduced cost: (compression, sintering, processing, control and automatic packaging line)
– Assured quality (resistance, low dispersion of magnetic and dimensional values)
– A mastery of the processes
– Flexible and responsive production tools: production lead time


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STEELMAG INTERNATIONAL your partner with permanent magnets can provide a full range of services tailored to your needs, to develop projects for specific magnetic and geometry to:

– Optimize the flow
– Reduce reluctant couples,
– Reduce the weight of the engine.
– Obtain geometric tolerances suitable for the performance / cost ratio of the engine
– Automatic balancing of rotors (Class 0.2 gr)
– Delivery in reusable packaging automation line and optimization of logistics and production costs

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