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• Assembling and balancing of rotors with ferrite magnets, neodymium or samarium.
• Insert bearings
Definition of adhesives to suit the needs of the customers with world’s leading manufacturers and development of bonding by induction.
Mastery in the control of noise, which can help you deal with the problems of vibration and harmonics.
• Experience in industrial gluing

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STEELMAG INTERNATIONAL factory hard ferrite magnets and designs its own range of magnets in response to the specific requests of the customers.
Steelmag is approved CIR and meets the sourcing needs of new performances.
The assembled innovative lead an effective response to market demand and competitive energy and transport.
Adapt to meet the needs of today
Steelmag provides the world’s leading manufacturers of electric motors.

Innovate to anticipate the demands of tomorrow
Rare earths are experiencing a growing shortage and spiraling costs.
Similar to weight ratio and volume, ferrite magnets deliver an excellent power / cost 7-10 times more favorable.
Contrary to the neodymium magnets, ferrite magnets not induce eddy currents, not heat, do not corrode and does not require cooling systems are heavy, bulky and expensive.
Steelmag develops new assembled ferrite magnet power 10-30% higher than conventional degrees.
These high performance inductors improve the ratio efficiency / costs, in equal volumes
and weight and without changing the format of the final assembly.
This new line is an alternative to the use of rare earth magnets.

STEELMAG INTERNATIONAL French manufacturer of ferrite magnets and assemblies for electric motors.
The experience of Steelmag in hot gluing with polymerization induction allows to develop in collaboration with all manufacturers of adhesives suitable for this technology that they offer:
• Cost reduction / mechanical assembly methods
• Increasing the density of magnetic groups.
• A good mechanical strength (40 MPa) and temperatures up to 150 ° C.

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40 years of experience
70 employees
A modern industry and flexible instrument in supporting strong differences of our customers (process time of the magnet on the production line less than a day)
An alternative cost / quality / service that allows you to compete with Asian manufacturers
ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO / TS 16949: 2009


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